Mixed Berry Wedding Color Scheme

I love the mixed berry color palette!  Such a great way of incorporating gorgeous jewel tones in your wedding decor! 

Mixed Berry Wedding Color Scheme

And let's be honest... how many of us have no budget for our wedding?  ETSY is a great place to find unique wedding decor at great prices.  AND you're usually shopping small business!  Win win if you ask me!!

Here are a few products I found on ETSY (don't you just love ETSY???) that will work wonders in a mixed berry palette! (Click images to go straight to the source!)

purple jars from Etsy - mixed berry color palette - wedding color scheme - a ribbon's nest

 Mixed Berry Bridal Bouquet - Wedding Decor - A Ribbon's Nest - Silk Ribbons

Pashmina Shawl from Etsy - Mixed Berry Wedding Color Palette - A Ribbon's Nest

I can taste the blueberry wine now!  Yum!

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