Using Pantone for Wedding Planning

If you're like me, you notice Pantone colors but do not rely too heavily on them when planning your events. The more digital the world becomes, the more that is going to change.  Pantone is a universal standard color language. Say you want to accent your wedding with the color Plum.  You tell your bridesmaids to go pick out Plum dresses.  And you tell your invitation designer that you want Plum accents.  Here is the dress your bridesmaids pick out:  

Plum Bridesmaid Dress - Wedding Supplies - A Ribbon's Nest

And here is the invitation your graphic designer created for you:

Plum Purple Wedding Invitation - Wedding Supplies - A Ribbon's Nest - Silk Hand Dyed Ribbon

Both your bridesmaids and your invitation designer introduced something they considered "Plum."  This discrepancy is why utilizing Pantone colors for your wedding/event planning is so important.  You pick out a Pantone color, purchase the color swatch and give it to your bridemaids.  You give your invitation designer the RGB or HEX code that corresponds to that color swatch.  Consistency abounds and your DIY wedding looks professionally planned!

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