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I was doing some research the other day, and something occurred to me while reading an article on "what’s out” for 2019 weddings.

Trends are stupid. 

There.  I said it. 

Yes, trends are stupid. 

A group of people, probably in NYC or Milan or some other fashion capital, decided a certain thing is “IT.”  Then those same people inundate our Instagram feeds and snapchats with said “IT” item to overwhelm and saturate the marketplace so all we see is that “IT” item or some variation of that “IT” item everywhere we look.  (And that “IT” item probably came from a college student in Nowheretown, USA because the big whigs in NYC and Milan picked up on the uniqueness and decided to spit it out as new and edgy.) 

Look.  Far too often we compare every single thing about our lives to perfectly curated Instagram feeds that someone sitting in an office somewhere put together specifically to increase profits.  Does it really matter to you what So-And-So magazine says about the ballgown dress you’ve dreamed of since you were 7 years old?  (If so, go for it.  Follow what corporate fashion wants you to follow in order to pad their pockets even more.)  If not, dedicate your wedding to finding and choosing exactly what you want.

Are you a 2019 bride and love the rustic look, complete with mason jars full of baby’s breath everywhere?  Then do it.  Love rose gold?  Incorporate it everywhere you want.  Dreaming of that bright white ballgown style wedding dress????  Go for it! 

Your wedding is just that… YOURS.  Not Meghan and Harry’s.  Not Rose and Kit’s.  YOURS. 

 Here’s the takeaway from my research:

  1. Do not be afraid to be unique. You’ll be setting the trend instead of following it since so often what is unique ends up becoming the trend (see Nowheretown, USA paragraph ^^^). 
  2. Do not limit your wedding designs/choices based on someone else’s idea of what’s in or what’s out.
  3. And even though I hate this saying, “You do you.” Your wedding pictures and memories will be so much better knowing you followed your heart.

Incredibly Important Disclaimer: I got married before the pinterest era.  I’m old enough to be a grandma.  Comfort is more important to me than fashion (which is why I refuse to wear skinny jeans (well, that, and I’d look like a Blow Pop.))



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