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Onyx Fine Art Hand Dyed Silk Ribbon

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Head high, you begin to walk slowly down the aisle, eyes locked with your future spouse, bouquet in hand, diamonds glistening in the candlelight...  Your guests turn to look.  Your entry has stunned the crowd, and a stillness eclipses the room.  The quiet whispers... "wow," "look at her," "she is stunning..." slowly trail away as your meet your true love's eyes and stand at their side.

Make this your reality when you purchase our Onyx hand dyed seamless silk ribbon to adorn your wedding bouquet and create the dramatic event of your dreams.  Or if you are not getting married, this ribbon is great for jewelry designers, crafters, teddy bear makers, dress makers, needlecrafters and artists of all kinds. 

Available in the widths indicated, you will receive 3 yards of Onyx ribbon wound onto a wooden spool.  (Shown in 2 inches.)  Widths over 2 inches will arrive bundled.

We strive to provide accurate color descriptions, however due to variations in the hand dying process as well as computer monitor color displays, there may be slight variations between your bespoke ribbon and those pictured above as sample photographs.

The blended dyes and powders we use to create this exquisite composition of color guarantees you will receive ribbon that is unique, feather soft, and impossible to be replicated precisely elevating them past box store offerings.

If you would like to continue to shop for more Habotai silk ribbons for crafting supplies, silk card ribbons, or for bridal bouquet ribbons you may return to A Ribbon's Nest shop home by clicking the following link: Beautiful Ribbon.

Ribbon with sequins photo credit: Juli Arendash.

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