The Story Behind The Store

I love to create.  And I get super excited at seeing my creations come to life... 

I started college as an Interior Design hopeful and wound up in Accounting - two incredibly different worlds!  Life as an Accountant left me longing for an outlet - something I could pursue to let my creativity out.  And while planning my 10 year vow renewal ceremony, I came across some absolutely gorgeous hand dyed silk ribbon and fell in love.  The colors were unforgettable, and I began devouring any information on silk, dyes, and the hand dyeing process I could get my hands on.

The process I created is a labor of love and something that continues to morph and evolve each day.  Watching my ribbons come to life is often awe inspiring - mixing the dyes and pigments and watching how they react with this gorgeous silk fabric... it's amazing to me the beauty that comes from manipulating our natural world.

My ribbons are hand dyed and hand ripped to create a delicate, frayed edge. Then they are ironed and wound onto spools. All of this done by my hands.

I strongly believe in handmade.  The thought of directly affecting someone and their family with a purchase appeals to me in a way that is difficult to describe.  I purchase as many items as possible for A Ribbon's Nest from a person, not a corporation - from premixed dyes to packaging products - I support our handmade community. 

Every ribbon I produce has been created with tenderness and love.  When you purchase from A Ribbon's Nest, you are supporting a small business with a giant heart!



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