1.  Do you offer custom dyeing?  
At this time, we do not offer custom dyeing.

2. What type of fabrics are used?
Our original ribbons are 100% natural silk woven in the traditional Japanese Habotai (Habutai) weave. This weave literally translates to "feather-two-layer" which makes the silk delicate and fluid.  Our silk is lightweight and ethereal, with almost a see-through quality.  We do not cut our silk on the bias, but rather we rip our silk with the grain to offer a seamless ribbon.

We use 100% crinkle silk chiffon for our hand dyed chiffon ribbons and our styling textiles.  Our crinkle chiffon is lightweight and ethereal and creates beautiful, flowing ribbons. 

Our crepe de chine ribbons are made from 100% silk crepe de chine.  Many consider crepe de chine to be the "cadillac" of the silks.  It is lightweight but heavier than the habotai and crinkle chiffon.  It has a lustrous sheen and a gentle, graceful drape.  

3.  What width do you recommend for bridal bouquets?  And how many yards?
This is completely dependent on each individual.  Lately, it seems that more casual weddings are opting for the 1 inch width for bouquets and more formal weddings are opting for 2 inch.  The yardage is completely up to the customer as it depends on how full the ribbon needs to be.

4.  Why is my ribbon a different color that what is displayed on the website?
Due to the dyeing process and monitor settings, your ribbon may be slightly different that what is displayed on your monitor. However, we make sure our photographer is precise on her white balance when taking pictures. We also follow homemade recipes in our dyeing process to replicate the same colors in each batch. Unfortunately, we cannot control Mother Nature and sometimes a batch may come out slightly darker or lighter than the last.

5.  Do you sell color samples?
Yes. You may select "Sample" on any product page. You will receive a ribbon that is 1 inch wide and 6 inches long.  We are currently in the process of developing sample kits.

6.  Are your ribbons washable?
After our ribbons are dry, the colors are heat set. For the most part, the ribbons will not bleed. However, we do caution that you use cold water and gentle liquid soap; let the ribbon soak rather than rubbing it together with your hands. If you do get the ribbon wet or wrinkled, it can easily be ironed out on the silk setting of your iron.

7.  What if you do not have enough of the color I want in stock?
Simply reach out to us via email.  

8.  What is ARNs return policy?
Please review the return policy located here.

9.  Do you offer a styling package?
We are currently working on styling packages.  They will be available soon!

10.  I am a photographer/florist/wedding planner and want to discuss a styled shoot.  Who do I contact?
Please contact Kim at hello@aribbonsnest.com.

11.  Do you offer expedited shipping?
Yes.  Please select your requested shipping method at checkout.

12.  What is your shipping and handling policy?

Please see our shipping policy.

13.  Do you offer a discount of large orders?

We currently offer free domestic shipping on all orders over $75.00.

 14.  Do you offer wholesale?

At this time, we do not offer wholesale. 

15.  Who does your product photography?
Our products were photographed by the highly talented Kendra Borlik from KMB Photo.  Slideshow 2 pictures from the wonderful Kaula Marie Photography.


If you have a question not listed here, please feel free to contact us!



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